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Because you love your family so much

Doesn't it feel great if your parents have more than enough life and health insurance coverage? Let's give that feeling of confidence and security to our family too, that whatever happens, our dreams will not be set aside!

Health emergencies and Death could happen when we least expect it. But we don't have to suffer financially if we prepare for these now...

These are the facts:

-66 Filipinos die every hour
-1 Filipino dies of Cancer every 15 minutes
-14 Filipinos die of heart disease every hour
-Top 3 causes of death are Cancer, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease
-84% of Filipinos are financially unprepared
-GOOD NEWS!!! 1/3 of all cancers can be cured



-Critical Illness Insurance starter plan including all cancers (P100k)
-Unlimited consults with KonsultaMD doctors over the phone
-Less than P5/day
-Apply online in a few minutes
-Yearly renewable



-Life insurance starter plan (P200,000)
-Unlimited medical consults at selected Aventus clinics
-Less than P5/day
-Apply online in a few minutes
-Yearly renewable


Fight Plan

15-year Cancer Coverage

-Up to 2M coverage for all types of cancer, upon diagnosis
-Very affordable, payable in 5 or 10 years, as low as P6k per year


Set for Health

Moneyback guarantee if no claims are made!!! Comprehensive Health Insurance with nothing to lose on your part!!!

-up to 3 claims for critical illness
-4th claim for death benefit
plan considered fully paid after 1st claim
-another 20% for minor critical illness
-full refund if no claim by age 75
-issue age 0-60yo, cover up to 75yo 
-can loan against policy cash value in case of emergency

Sample Computation

-29 yr-old Female, 1M coverage
-2,775/mo or P29,210/yr (20 yrs)
-Year 1: Heart Attack, claim 1M
-Plan is now considered fully paid
-Year 3: Cancer, claim 1M
-Year 8: Angioplasty, claim 200k
-Year 12: Stroke, claim 1M
-Year 16: Death, claim 1M
-Total Benefits Claimed: P4.2 Million
-Total Payments by Client: P29,210 

To get a quote on either Set for Health or Fight Plan, click the link and send us the following details: Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Email address. We will email you a proposal, with no commitment on your part.